Choosing an ideal air purifier in philippines that is safe for children of all ages in school classroom

Choosing an ideal air purifier in  philippines that is safe for children of all ages in school classroom

Air quality has become a major issue, especially in urban areas where pollution is so high. Children’s immunity is very low, which is why they are most affected by changes in the environment, including changes in air quality. There is the danger of a child becoming asthmatic and a wide range of other effects that could come from fine particles, gases, and chemicals.

In a house with a child or children choosing a philippines air purifier should be done with extra precaution. It is important to ensure that the option picked does not emit ozone gas which can be very damaging. It is also important to ensure that the purifier picked can remove all sorts of gases and solids from the air.

The most common pollutants present in indoor air include volatile organic compounds, sulfur dioxide, benzene, and formaldehyde. There may be ultra-fine particles in the air as well, including soot, smoke, dust mite allergens, viruses, bacteria, pet dander, and so on. The choice one should match the kind of pollutants that need to be eliminated from the air while at the same time being safe for use around children.

The kind of filtration to look out for

To be on the safe side, it makes sense to settle for an option with chemical and HEPA filtration. Usually, even a good HEPA air purifier may not be the best and may not effectively handle solid particle removal. It may not destroy chemical gases, which are very damaging to respiratory systems, especially in children.

It makes sense to find an Olansi air purifier that combines chemical filtration and HEPA filtration. This ensures that the air cleaner captures gases and solids as well.

What kind of air are babies exposed to?

While HEPA air purifiers and UVC air purifiers can be great at cleaning the air, it is important to note that pollution sources can be eliminated from the home even before installing air purification systems. All the airborne hazards within the home need to be identified and eliminated completely since they can harm children.

There are test kits that can facilitate indoor air testing to find out the kind of pollutants within. By knowing the sources of the toxins, controlling them becomes much easier, and it becomes possible to create a very healthy home for children and the family as a whole.


Many of the cheap air cleaners are often fitted with HEPA filters that are sub-standard. They are greatly marketed with claims that are only theoretical and without proper testing.

Most of the claims regarding efficiency don’t account for any leakages that could possibly occur between the filter frame and the housing. For this reason, air quality is greatly compromised.

Olansi air purifier suppliers (11)

The best solution is to work with a renowned philippines air purifier company. Olansi air purifiers have stood the test of time. This air purifier manufacturer has been in the market for over a decade now and offers some of the best solutions to ensure that children stay safe within the home environment.For more about ideal air purifier in  philippines that is safe for children of all ages in school classroom,you can pay a visit to Olansi China at for more info.