Destop air purifier review and what are the Ground level Air polllutions can be remove by Air purifier

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As we know the quality of the air we breathe is an essential factor in the maintenance of our health. A large number of studies have pointed out, unequivocally, the need to rectify this situation. Despite this awareness, most people are unwilling to sacrifice certain conveniences for the sake of the environment.

Do you know how many Common Air Pollutants At Ground Level?

The answer is Six. Normally there would be six main air pollutants whose sources a person serious about the environment should avoid using at ground-level atmosphere.

The most common one is ozone from vehicle exhaust and emissions from factories. Ozone may be something beneficial if it is in the upper atmosphere. However, it results in health problems if inhaled. It is also produce through the interaction between certain plastics and the air. Other pollutants from the same source are carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and lead. There have been significant strides in limiting the production of these gases by cars and factories. However, because of their widespread use and their need by an ever increasing population worldwide, scientists are setting the bar at zero emissions.

Another pollutant, sulfur oxide, also stems from the transportation industry. It comes from locomotives and ships. The sixth main pollutant is particulate matter from burning various materials like cigarettes, plastics, paper, etc. This burning result in small particles, about 2.5 micrometers in size, easily carried by the wind which may enter the lungs and from there the bloodstream.

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