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Air Purifiers Review

anion air purifier Air purifiers are necessary and important to remove pollutants from breathing airs. A number of pollutants in air cause the respiratory and allergic diseases to us, but pollutant free air is thus reduces the symptoms of these diseases. Air purifiers are thus essential devices required for various environments where the air pollutants are generally in the higher range. These devices are therefore used in our building ventilations and in various other systems where the combustion of fuels or [...]

Olansi healthcare air purifiers for office air purifier

We have made a survey recently: in many office buildings with central air conditioning, dozens or even hundreds of people work in an open area office. There is at least one computer, some even two or three in front of people, ozone, electromagnetic radiation and electronic fog and other pollution accompanied heat waves by chassis fan, mixed with dirty air release to everyone in the work. Although people sitting in the comfortable office, but poor indoor air quality, make [...]

How to Buy the Best Air Purifier

There is a rule that when the economic is keep growing fast, especially in the developing contry, the evironment would be neglect. And when the people realize the import of environment, it’s too late. Among all the pollution, air pollution and water pollution would directly do harm to human body. Then we need air purifier and water purifiers to take care our health, to give us a healthy life. The air purifier market is vast and riddled with confusing and often misleading [...]

How Air Purifiers Work?

Air purifiers are becoming more and more popular now, it was considered a standard setting for the peoplen living in a modernization city.  Olansi was established in 2009, located in Guangzhou City in South China, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a professional hydrogen water maker and air purifier OEM manufacturer. The products of the company contain pm2.5 air purifier, home air purifier, HEPA air purifier, ionizer air purifier, hot sale air purifier, room air purifier,hydrogen water machine and [...]